Cell Phone Repair for Most Major Carriers

Repairs – We have parts for most current model cell phones, and the knowledge to properly install new parts and repair damaged parts. When you have a cell phone that’s not working properly, but aren’t ready to purchase another, come to Airtrack Devices and we’ll help get your phone back up and running. 

Common Repair Problems: 
Flex Cable: Cell flap flex cable
Key Pad: Not responding
Faceplate: Broken
Loud Speaker: Can not hear your phone
Charging Port : Battery will not charge
Camera: Can not take pictures, will not turn on   
Display Lens: Broken,Cracked, Smashed
Earpiece Speaker: Can not hear caller
Microphone: Caller can not hear you
Antenna: Broken off, bad reception
Water Damaged : H20, soda, coffee, commode, pool, tub 
And many many more        

Unlocking Service – Our associates have the experience and the knowledge to get locked cell phones up and running again. If you need to travel outside of your service area, we can unlock phones for that purpose as well. A SIM card lock can be both annoying and impractical, and can cause bills to pile up due to unnecessary roaming charges. Airtrack Devices can help alleviate those problems.

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