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We buy old cell phones and PDA’s.Bring in your old phone,PDA’s or e-mail us with the model and carrier.

Americans have over 500 million retired cell phones sitting around our homes and business awaiting disposal. Turn your old phones in to cash and help save the environment.


Raising Funds is free and easy with Airtrack Devices

We’ve taken the hassle out of fundraising! From time to time, organization such as schools, churches, business and non-profit groups need to raise money. Airtrack offers all of these organizations and individuals a fast easy and environmentally friendly way to get cash by collecting used cell phones from people in the community.

After you e-mail or call us to register for the fundraising program,we will set you up with the drop boxes for your cell phones and  prepaid return shipping labels. Then just send us the phones and we will send you the cash.

Donate Your Old Cell Phones To A Great Cause !

Business owners donate your old cell phones to a get cause. Do your community and the environment a favor,and legally comply with EPA regulations on disposal of toxic items such as batteries, arsenic, lead, mercury, cadmium that pollute the air when burned in incinerators and leach into soil and drinking water.

According to the Environmnetal Portection Agency, Americans discarded phones create 65,000 tons of toxic waste each year.

It’s easy to start collecting your employees old phones today just call or e-mail us and  request  your cell phone collection box.

We will donate your phones to some great causes like cell phones for soldiers, 911 service to at-risk individuals, senior citizens and others. Your donation can be tax deductible please consult your tax specialist for assistance regarding the valuation of your donation.

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